E - Waste

Each year in California hundreds of thousands of computers, monitors, copiers, fax machines, printers, televisions, and other electronic items become “obsolete” in the eyes of consumers. Rapid advances in technology and an expanding demand for new features accelerate the generation of “old” electronic equipment (”e-waste”). The result is a growing challenge for businesses, residents, and local governments as they search for ways to reuse, recycle, or properly dispose of this equipment.

Charron Metals is not a collector of e-waste but we are a purchaser of the scrap bi-products generated from the e-waste recyclers once they have dismantled or shredded the electronic e-waste. Charron Metals purchases power supplies, fans, motors, tin chassis, aluminum frames, computer wire, yokes etc. We also purchase from those e-waste recyclers that have on-site shredding operations and the shredded metals generated from such an operation.